Testimonials: The most important story….your story!

Vanessa came to help us with our two sons, Daniel, 3 years, and Robert, 6 months. They were both having sleeping problems and we were desperate to sort their night wakings. Within days our oldest son Daniel was happily going to bed on his own with either my husband or I and sleeping without coming out of his bed. Our little one, Robert, was sleeping through the night after three days of starting him on the Sleep Plan. We were finally looking forward to some proper holidays and to celebrate we went to Mexico and had the most amazing time! I can’t express enough gratitude for your help, you have sincerely changed our lives! Thank you so much!

Sofia Richardson

I met Vanessa when our baby was only 2 1/2 months as I was struggling with the amount of times my daughter was up at night and the short naps during the day. I thought it was all down to her reflux problem but after 3 days of teaching Ameera to fall asleep on her own, she was sleeping from 7:30pm to 4:00am and a month later she was having 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I was impressed to see how she had managed to sleep all those hours after a few days of meeting Vanessa. Before she wouldn’t stay asleep for longer than 2 hours at night…it’s changed our lives!

Princia Batlay

“What Vanessa has done for our 8-months old daughter – and in fact for our whole family – within the space of only one night is nothing short of a miracle. As this was our second child, we thought we’d seen, heard and read it all, and were dubious how a ‘sleep trainer’ could make a difference. But after eight long, sleep deprived months, we contacted Vanessa – and we can still hardly believe the results. Our daughter has slept a minimum of 11 hours straight at night – often more!. Vanessa is friendly, professional and knowledgable and the follow-up support she gave us was amazing. I would use her again in a heartbeat!”

Fee McNamara

“Our 4 month old suddenly started waking every hour at night. I used to nurse him to sleep and he refused the dummy, so we got onto a tiring cycle of feeding to sleep. I thought our little one was just one of those babies that wouldn’t sleep much. After Vanessa’s advice he is now becoming a good sleeper only waking once at night and napping well. We are delighted and very grateful. I now actually look forward to nap time. Vanessa is amazing.”

Ceylan Shevket

Vanessa came to see us when our daughter was 12 ½ months old. During the overnight visit, we learned how to put our daughter to sleep by herself without the aid of a bottle of sleeping on us. We gave up night feeds and our daughter slept 10 hours briefly waking once and then going back to sleep by herself. This was a huge achievement in such a short space of time considering she would usually wake up one to four times at night! Vanessa has provided great follow up support as day napping took a long time for us to achieve. We have learnt to be flexible yet consistent whilst understanding our daughters sleep pattern. At around the 3 month mark our daughter was comfortably going into the cot, stretching her arms out to it, and putting herself to sleep. This is a remarkable achievement for our daughter and for us as parents. Thank you Vanessa in helping to establish a healthy sleep pattern for our daughter and giving us the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep ourselves.

Preety Ashworth