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Our home consultation begins when I arrive to your home in time for bedtime and observe your routine leading to the time you but your baby to sleep. Once your baby is in bed I will guide you through the entire sleep training process providing you emotional support and reassurance at all times. Once your baby falls asleep we will discuss all the aspects of your baby’s daily routine (feeding times, nap times and activities), current sleep habits and night wakings so I have a very accurate and detailed picture of your child’s routine. From here, we will discuss and create a customised Sleep Plan and discuss others aspects that can have an impact on your baby’s sleep such as developmental milestones, teething, illnesses, etc and how to manage these in the future. I will also provide you with a Sleep Tracker to log your baby’s day time naps and night time wakings. My goal is that the Sleep Plan we create together will compliment your parenting style and values.
During the course of the night when your baby wakes I will guide you throughout the entire process, giving you the support and reassurance required to persevere during those sensitive times of the night when we feel at our most tired and vulnerable.
The next day I will follow up with a fully customised Sleep Report which includes a detailed log of the entire evening, a summary of all the topics discussed during the consultation and an age appropriate nap schedule.
During the course of one week I will review your Sleep Tracker. This is a very useful tool for me to track your progress and identify patterns emerging. I will send you my comments and suggestions by email at the end of the business day so you can implement any changes the following day. You will also have unlimited email and telephone support following my visit.
My consultation services are based per family and not per child, so if you happen to have more than one child and they all have sleeping difficulties, I will address ALL your children’s sleeping issues and come up with a bespoke Sleep Plan for each child, as this varies depending on the age of the child and his/her sleeping habits.

The consultation will take place at your home, please take a look at my packages

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