“Like you, I was having sleepless nights and exhausting days!”
Read my story…

My name is Vanessa Ramirez, I am the director & founder of Lulla-time, a sleep consultant practise incorporated in 2010.  In 2013 I trained to become an accredited sleep consultant by The Gentle Sleep School.

I am married (13 years and going) to my husband Damien with whom I have two lovely girls: Lia Amélie and Eva Juliette, aged twelve and eleven years old.  I am delighted to announce that for the past year I have launched BabyHuggy, a hands-free baby towel, in partnership with 3 close friends and mumpreneurs.

When Lia was born the first three months were, as you would expect, a roller-coster of good and bad days.  Lia would have very short naps during the day and at night I would be up four and five times feeding her and trying to make her fall asleep. I tried all sorts of methods suggested to me to make Lia fall and stay asleep but nothing seemed to work consistently.  My husband and I were completely lost and no advice seemed to work. It was then when I started my research on baby sleep and sleeping techniques. Out of the many search results on the internet I started to document and purchase books on the subject and began eliminating the theories I felt did not make much sense or did not fit my parenting style.  Finally, after gathering all the information I needed I decided to put the theory to practice.

I wanted to make sure that I would choose a method that would be both gentle and effective, and would give us positive results quick! After just one week our 4 months old girl was enjoying 8-10 hours of straight through sleep at night and taking long naps during the day, I was in heaven! And, I was one month pregnant with our second baby, so this wonderful change meant the world to us! When our second child was born, I started the technique straight after coming back from hospital, and by 3 months Eva was sleeping stretches of 9-11 hours at night!  New mums are definitely not alone when it comes to sleepless nights and I soon learned many of my friends were also having difficulties with their babies’ sleep, so I decided to share my knowledge and, luckily, they trusted me to help them improve their little one’s sleeping issues.

My first sleep training baby was 8 months old and to my absolute delight (and that of my friend) after the first night I came to do the Sleep Plan, the baby was sleeping through the night and has been ever since! My second sleep training baby was 6 months old and again, after three nights of implementing the Sleep Plan, she was sleeping through the night! This was too good to be true, it was working like a charm! I realized I had acquired something that would not only change my children’s sleeping habits but would also help other families with the same issues. After having worked in the city of London for  8 years at different financial institutions such as Bloomberg, Financial Times Interactive Data and Lehman Brothers Asset Management, I was debating whether to go back to banking or follow my instincts and take a completely new path in my career.

Luckily my husband supported me 100% and the decision soon became clear to me: I felt it would be much more rewarding to pass on my knowledge and experience to other sleepless families. It also meant that I could continue caring for our two girls. It felt it was a win-win situation for the family. This is how I become an infant and child sleep consultant! Today, I am proud to report that I have had the pleasure of meeting and helping hundreds of families in the UK and abroad and I couldn’t be happier doing this as my profession!

I have been certified with the National Qualification for Sleep Consultancy, have a complete DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service Check) and a Paedriatic First Aid certificate.

This course is accredited by the NOCN, EDEXCEL, CIty and Guilds and BTEC( Business and Technology Educational Council). I am an active member of the Chelsea and Westminster Foundation Trust and the Royal Marsden Foundation Trust.